Friday, December 26, 2014

2014...Year in Review

I've been gone a long time!  So I'm going to "catch-up" by trying to hit the high spots of 2014.

My hubby asked me awhile back (nearly 3 years ago!!) if I would make a quilt from his ties.  Before he retired, he wore a tie to work each day.  Being a salesman, he liked "conversation getter" ties so he had an awesome collection.  I did manage to get the quilt top together...

And now am in the process of hand quilting...

(see hubby holding up a corner)?

From the scraps of the ties, I made Christmas Ornaments for our
Grandchildren in a "crazy quilt" style.
These were given to them last year, 2013.

Then from still more scraps, I made five wall hangings for our
five children.  I only have a picture of one.
Can't believe I let them get away without making pictures!!

They all had different colored borders.  I let them choose which one they wanted.  No fights!!  Yea!

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