Friday, July 15, 2011

Look What the Grandkids Made

Last week, 4 of my grandchildren spend a few days with Mawmaw and Pawpaw. They each made a quilt top. They "shopped" my stash and selected what fabrics they wanted to use. I cut 10" squares and they sewed. The pattern is "40 squares on point".

First is Emily, 9.
Next is Megan, 10.

Next is Matthew, 11.

And last is Sam, 12.

I think they had a good time taking turns using the sewing machine. I pinned but they sewed it all themselves.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last but not Least

Molly wasn't able to come to my party because Eli was sick. She was sooo disappointed when she found out about the quilts. Her quilt was made from Bonnie Hunter's Roll Roll Cotton Boll Mystery she did beginning last November. It was fun but I can truly say if step 4 (600 half square triangles) had been closer to the front, this baby would have died before it got started!! Colleen also quilted Molly's quilt.

Birthday Quilt #4

Jennifer with her quilt. I received the PTQ Lotto Blocks in January 2010. I specified I wanted a 12" finished block of your choice made from black and tan fabrics. The layout of the quilt is an original design. Colleen quilted Jennifer's quilt too.

Another Birthday Quilt

Clint with his quilt. I taught a class at Sewing World in the fall of 2007 on Eleanor Burns' Quick Trip Quilts. During the lesson, I made a quilt too. I had Colleen Eskridge quilt it. She also quilted Leslie's Ohio Star.

Happy Birthday to Me Continued

Leslie's quilt is next. She lives in Ohio. I became the owner of some Ohio Star blocks from our local guild, Possum Town Quilters and also some from a Beginner Block Lotto from in September, 2007. I knew I wanted to make a quilt for Leslie with these just took me awhile to get it going.

Me showing off her quilt.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

In honor of my 60th birthday, I presented quilts to each of my grown children. This was a total surprise to them. I treated them to a bed turning of all the quilts then as the last one was uncovered, I let them know which quilt was theirs.

First was Laurie's. She had requested a brown and tan quilt like the one I had made for her daughter. (The grandchildren quilts will follow in a later post.) The pattern used was a Turning Twenty by Tricia Cribbs.



Laurie with her quilt: