Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Ornaments 2011

Each year I make Christmas ornaments for my Grandchildren. I hang them on a special tree, let them draw numbers and pick the one they want. One family lives in Ohio and won't be here this Christmas so I'm mailing theirs this year. I had bought these kits at the Houston show last year but because of a problem with my right hand, couldn't make them. I let them choose which ornament they would like when they were here for Thanksgiving last year because normally they have to take what's left over after the others have picked theirs. I just finished these eight and wanted to share them.

Reuben - Levi -

Dara -

Zeb -

Abby -

Judah -

Asher -

And Mom, Leslie -

Eight down and 20 to go. We're not having our family Christmas gathering until New Year's Eve so thankfully I still have 2 more weeks in which to complete the remaining ones. Aren't they cute?

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