Saturday, May 27, 2017

Binding a Quilt

What do you do when you finish a quilt and find out there's not enough of the fabric you wanted to use for the binding?!?  Wing it!

I just finished quilting this Rail Fence quilt for my Granddaughter.



I had planned to use the dark fabric in the Rail for the binding.  But when I calculated to see how much I needed I was a couple strips short.  I didn't have enough of either of the fabrics to do the entire binding, so I decided I would use part of another and only use it around each corner.

Now I've tried this before but without really planning and mapping it all out and it didn't turn out very well.  So this time, I pinned the strips around the edge placing what I wanted in the corners.

Two of the corners

I made the binding in two separate strips.  One for the top half and one for the bottom half.  I pinned starting at the first corner to make sure I wouldn't have a "join" in the corner, then backed up the side to where I would start.  I also pinned the bottom edge around to the second corner to also check for a join in the corner.  All was well.

Checking to make sure the join wasn't in the corner!

I did the same with the top half of the quilt.  I ended up having to add in a short piece of the yellow dot fabric to make the last corner turn out in the right place, but it worked and I'm pleased with the final results.

Now to get it hand stitched.  What a fun way to spend the Memorial Day Weekend!
Have a good one!!

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